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Three Times To Use Your Power Wheelchair's Elevation Function

A lot of people think of a power wheelchair as a device that helps them move forward, backward, and from side to side, but may not realize that certain models can also help you to move up and down. Lots of power wheelchairs are equipped with an elevation function, which is designed to raise the seat vertically. When you're shopping for a new chair, be sure to look at models that offer elevation. You may find that you use this function more than you might initially think and that it quickly becomes a must-have feature for you. Here are three times to use your power wheelchair's elevation function.


A lot of people who use power wheelchairs like to elevate themselves when they're having a conversation with someone who is standing. When you're positioned in front of a standing adult, their face will be considerably higher than yours. During conversations, it's nice to be able to look each other in the eyes, and this is easier when your heads are at approximately the same level. It's easy to engage the wheelchair's elevation function to raise your seat until you're even with the person who is standing.

Kitchen Tasks

When you use a power wheelchair, you likely take pride in being as independent as possible. Part of independence is being able to prepare cook for your family and guests. In most chairs, you'll be low enough that reaching the surface of the kitchen counter can be a challenge. This can make everyday cooking tasks such as chopping vegetables, making sandwiches, and other similar tasks, difficult. When you're able to elevate yourself, you'll be able to reach the countertop in an easy, natural way that allows you to successfully perform many kitchen tasks.


Shopping doesn't have to be a challenge when you're in a power wheelchair, particularly when you're using a model that has an elevation function. In a supermarket, for example, there will be many different products that sit high on shelves. While you could always get the attention of a supermarket employee and ask them for assistance, it's more empowering to be able to retrieve high items yourself. It's easy to park your chair in front of the shelf, engage the elevation function to the proper height, and grab the item you want. Keep this handy function in mind when you're looking at different power wheelchair models to buy.

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