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4 Ways To Make The Most Cash When Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips

If you have extra diabetic test strips that you do not have a use for, don't throw them in the trash. Many companies will purchase your diabetic test strips from you. In order to get the best possible prices, there are a few things you will need to do.

Way #1: Sell the Boxes as Soon As Possible

They may only be a test strip and not an oral medication you take, but they still have expiration dates. Your test strips hold more value the further away the expiration date is. As the expiration date gets closer, your boxes will lose value, as the company that buys your strips will have less and less time to use or resell them.

Once they expire, you will no longer be able to resell your test strips or get anything for them. If you have any boxes of test strips you are not using, it may be best to sell them as soon as possible as you will get more value for them.

Way #2: Take Care of the Boxes

Second, when you sell your test strips, the company buying them is generally going to examine the condition of the box and factor its condition into their pricing. If the box is dented, damaged, or looks warped (like it was exposed to excessive moisture or humidity), you are going to get less money for the box than a pristine box without any damage to it. Keep your boxes in a safe, dry, and secure location until you are ready to sell them.

Way #3: Level Prescription Labels On

Third, if your test strip boxes have a prescription label attached to them, don't try to peel the label off. Doing so runs the risk of damaging the box, thus decrease the value of strips.

What you could do is take a black permanent marker and use that to cover up all your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and doctor's name. You want to protect your privacy. The company you sell the boxes to may handle removing any labels.

Way #4: Carefully Package Boxes for Shipping

Once you find a company that will purchase your diabetic test strips, you generally have to box up and ship the boxes to the company purchasing them. You need to make sure that your boxes get to the company buying them in good shape. Any damage the diabetic testing strip boxes sustain during the shipping process will take away from the overall value you will get. Use a solid package and ship with a respected shipping provider.

When it comes to selling diabetic test strips, you will get more money if you sell the boxes long before their expiration date, keep the boxes in good shape, and leave any stickers on the box in place. This should help increase the value you get for them.

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