Understanding Medical Supplies

Why Switch to LED Surgical Lights?

If you're reviewing the lights you use in your hospital's surgical areas, then it's worth checking out LED options if you don't currently use them. These lights have a range of benefits in a surgical environment that you might not get from other lights.

Why do LED lights work so well in surgical situations?

1. LED Keeps Things Cool

Some lights create a lot of heat. For example, if you use halogen bulbs, then they'll likely heat up quickly and pass this heat on. If you're a surgeon working on a long and intricate procedure, the last thing you want to deal with is excess heat from lights in the room. This will make you uncomfortable at a time when you need to feel in good shape.

If you switch to LED lights, then you don't have to worry about bulb heat. LED surgical lights stay much cooler even if they are on for a long time. They aren't likely to create excess heat in unwanted places.

2. LED Shines a Pure Light

An effective surgical light has to clearly illuminate a specific area. You don't want to install lights that are too dim or even too bright to do this job.

While many lights, such as halogen bulbs, do this job well, they have downsides. For example, they may not shine a clear white light; they may cast a slightly yellow tint unless they are color corrected. Plus, they may cast more shadows than you can comfortably work with. This isn't helpful if you need to see colors clearly, say, when you're making a diagnosis.

LED light is a much purer white. It doesn't add or detract from natural colors, and it doesn't need any corrections. You're also less likely to have to deal with shadowing issues. So, your staff will see more clearly with even a basic light.

3. LED Is Cheaper Over Time

While you may worry about switching to LED lights because they cost more to buy, you should see long-term savings over other lights. LED surgical lights typically last longer. When you weigh up the costs of replacing standard bulbs that won't last as long, then LED becomes a lot cheaper.

For more information about LED products and their benefits, ask your surgical lights suppliers for advice. In some cases, you can make an easy switch to an existing system with just a few tweaks.