Understanding Medical Supplies

4 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Purchase A Used Exam Table For Your Practice

No medical office is complete without one extremely important piece of equipment — an exam table. As the nucleus of nearly every appointment, exam tables must be able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Given the need for strength and durability, a new exam table can be quite costly. Have you ever considered purchasing a used unit? Learn why this type of investment makes sense.

1. Lower Price

The main reason why this investment makes so much sense is the fact that a used exam table is less expensive than a new table. Whether you are a provider who has just branched out into your own practice or you are expanding an existing practice and what to keep costs low, this option can fulfill this need. 

2. Full Functionality

All used exam tables purchased by a medical equipment service are fully functional. Before any equipment is made available for purchase, the retailer will inspect it and certify that it is in complete working condition. From the condition of the padding and support to the table's adjustability features, everything works. So, there is no need to think you are getting a used, low-quality piece of equipment that will not function in the way you need it to. 

3. Sanitation Standards

Although your office will follow strict sanitation procedures before the table is used by a patient, and for every subsequent use their after, you can have confidence that a used table has been sterilized before delivery. In the world of medical equipment, used does not mean dirty and uncared for. It is also worth noting that with some new equipment, the product might go straight from the manufacturer to your office without this added cleaning process.

4. Starter Option

If you have just started your practice, an investment in used exam tables is a greater starter option because it gives you an opportunity to learn. Every provider has features and elements of exam tables that they like and do not like. The used model can serve as somewhat of your test piece to see what features you would want to keep, or change should you decide to upgrade to a new table in the future.

If you are interested in used medical equipment, contact a retailer with experience in this area, like Apexx Solutions Inc. and other suppliers. These retailers have a vast array of product options and can help select the right exam table, or other equipment, for your needs.