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CPAP Mask Cleaning: Common Faqs

When you rely on a CPAP machine, you will likely be given specific instructions on how to clean your mask and the machine's parts on a regular basis. If you are new to wearing the CPAP, you will likely have a few questions. Here is a look at some of the most common questions people have about their CPAP machines and the answers you should know. 

How often does the CPAP mask need to be cleaned?

It is actually best if you clean your CPAP mask on a daily basis. Even though it can take a few minutes of your day to properly clean the mask, this will keep debris from accumulating. CPAP cleaning wipes or cleaners paired with clean paper towels can help with the process. 

Why should you clean your CPAP mask so frequently?

Keeping your CPAP machine, and especially the mask, clean is vital to your health. The mask comes in direct contact with your skin and face, and any contaminants can actually be aspirated. Over time, the mask can accumulate a lot of germs, bacteria, skin oil, and dust that should be properly eradicated before use. These things can actually affect how well the mask stays in place on your face and how pure the air you are delivered during therapy is. 

What are the proper ways to clean your mask?

The mask should be disassembled for cleaning. The different parts that come in contact with your skin should be thoroughly cleaned, as well as the vent, swivel joints, and other components. Make sure if you use soap to clean the mask parts, you rinse all the pieces with clean water and allow it to air dry. CPAP cleaning wipes can make the process much easier. Simply wipe down all the parts with a clean wipe, allow to air dry, and you are ready for the next use. 

Do CPAP cleaning wipes do a good job?

You can pick up CPAP cleaning wipes at any store that sells CPAP supplies, and they can do a really good job of keeping your equipment clean. If you are looking for convenience, these wipes do provide that; you don't have to carry your mask to another room for cleaning on a daily basis. You can use the wipes, which are moistened with good ingredients like aloe vera and antibacterial cleansing agents. Therefore, they will leave the mask sanitary and will not leave any residue on your skin that would be harmful. 

To learn more about the benefits of cleaning your mask with cpap cleaning wipes, contact supply services in your area.